Fires of Tradition: reproduction cast iron mantles
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Cast Iron has a distinctive quality and strength of character all on its own. The burnished surface designs have a remarkable finish that plays with the light reflected off its surface, creating a fireplace that has a lovingly restored feel about it. This shows particularly well in the Crown arch. The symmetry of the Crown arch is immediate and very satisfying in its demeanor. The lack of adornment and its uncomplicated lines make this an excellent choice for a transitional style, where one wants to maintain the arch appearance but move more towards the contemporary.

Many homes built in the late 19th century featured English Victorian fireplaces that allowed for the burning of coal. When approaching the repair and restoration of these fireplaces, our cast fronts, refractory fireboxes and mantels allow you to maintain the architectural integrity of these original influences.

Detail Views

  • Crown shown with Optimyst firebox and burner
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