Fires of Tradition: reproduction cast iron mantles
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A very balanced and clean design, the Edinburgh works nicely with its updated transitional styling. A smaller combination, this cast iron offering is perfect for most rooms, when installed with our Optimyst traditional firebox. This allows you to locate the fireplace anywhere in the home, including bedrooms and dens.

Our cast fronts also provide excellent options when renovating existing coal burning fireplaces. Tall and narrow in proportion, these turn of the century coal fire boxes frequently need restoration, as many have seen years of neglect. We can provide a one piece cast refractory firebox that helps to quickly reline a fireplace that is intended to be used for wood or coal burning. This then can be followed up with the cast iron front and mantel of your choice.

Detail Views

  • Clean lines and a minimum of ornamentation make this an excellent transitional design.
  • With a minimum of ornamentation, this cast front allows the luster of the antiqued, polished casting to show through.
  • A simple but elegant hood of minimal proportion
  • Combinations are a complete design with a shelf that finishes off the top portion.
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