Fires of Tradition: reproduction cast iron mantles
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This is one of our largest offerings. It’s strong presence makes a powerful focal point in any room. Many of the fireplaces in the heritage homes built towards the end of the 19th century were taller, narrower fireplaces which traditionally burned coal. The high point of English fireplace design was reflected in many of these homes. Our range of cast iron offerings provide authentic solutions to restoring an existing fireplace to its original glory.

We also can provide solutions that allow these fronts to be used in new construction or renovations as well. Our innovative Optimyst electric burner allows for much greater flexibility in locating a fireplace in your home. With this, you can have all of the authenticity of a traditional coal burning fireplace, but none of the restrictions that can come with a wood or gas firepace.

Detail Views

  • The floral hood and tiles are framed by the polished moldings of the legs and frieze.
  • A deep shelf is typical of all combinations.
  • The heavily molded design shows off the lustrous finish of the polished cast particularly well.
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The Edwardian is a bold and masculine casting, and one of our largest combinations.