Fires of Tradition: reproduction cast iron mantles
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The Kelmscott is a very unusually proportioned design. This casting is a ‘combination’, which has a stepped mantel shelf built into the top and no need for a further surround. These combinations were frequently found in smaller rooms, such as bedrooms, and dens. Their sizing is excellent for location on smaller walls, or inbetween two windows.

But it is the grand sweep of the Kelmscott as it moves upwards from the firebox which is its’ most notable feature. And it is in this large frieze area that there is a delightful cast Art Nouveau poppy motif with three pronounced yet delicately detailed poppy heads. Their entwined stems and leaves run downwards to their roots which anchor at the top of the firebox opening. This is one of the taller combinations, yet has a fairly narrow profile.

Detail Views

  • Kelmscott shown with Optimyst firebox and burner
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