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Optimyst Burner

The Optimyst creates a freedom and flexibility of fireplace design that has rarely been achieved. This innovative burner provides all the appearance of a burning flame, glowing logs, and drifting smoke- without any additional heat.

This authentic flame image is generated through an ultrasonic water vapor which combines with the light play from the glowing logs to create a compelling, three dimensional flame effect- right down to the illusion of smoke.

Optimyst fires achieve an 11-14 hour burn off one refill of tap water, making it very economical and safe to use. A remote control operates the unit from anywhere in the room. The result is an appearance so authentic that it will be easily mistaken for a true wood burning fire.

Yet there are none of the common restrictions created by heat and clearances to combustibles, none of the venting and chimney requirements, and no fuel line limitations. This means that you can install a fireplace in any room- including bedrooms- without the worry of overheating the room. These fires can be comfortably operated all year round. These are also the perfect choice for high rise condos, where fireplaces are rarely allowed because of the venting restrictions.

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