Fires of Tradition: reproduction cast iron mantles
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The Paris is a charming design for a bedroom application. Our Optimyst traditional firebox allows these to be installed in bedrooms where most other fireplaces are not permitted. This innovative burner provides a dazzling realism with its’ glowing logs and flame pattern. One can enjoy all of the authenticity of a real wood burning fireplace, without the heat and smoke issues that sometimes accompany solid fuel and gas options.

However, if you are repairing an existing wood or coal burning fireplace, and want to maintain the heritage appearance of a fireplace that was built around the turn of the century, then this is one of a full range of solutions that we offer. From one piece refractory fireboxes, to cast mantels, fronts and grates- we can help you with the full restoration of an existing fireplace in need of repair.

Detail Views

  • The seeded heads with the flowing stems stand out against the pewter appearance of the polished casting.
  • This charming Art Nouveau design has a sinuous pattern of tendrils that flow across the frieze.
  • A slight and very pretty cast combination from the late 1800%u2019s.
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