Fires of Tradition: reproduction cast iron mantles
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Peace & Plenty

The Coalbrookdale foundry in Shropshire England was the leading producer of Victorian cast iron mantels and fireplaces. And it could be said that the Peace and Plenty represents the pinnacle of mantel design from Coalbrookdale. This classic and timeless design features two female figures, draped in robes. To the left side of the frieze is Peace, who is holding onto a dove and extending an exquisitely detailed olive branch. Plenty is to the right , holding a jug of wine and an overflowing cornucopia- the symbol of abundance and nourishment.

We found our original Peace & Plenty after the floods of Katrina had wreaked their devastation on New Orleans. It had been in a home that was under water, and was cracked and rusted almost beyond recognition. However, after careful restoration, we were able to make a new mold from the original and are now very pleased to be able to offer this unique and elegant design.

Detail Views

  • The figure Peace, extending an exquisitely detailed olive branch and holding onto a dove in her right hand.
  • The figure Plenty, holding two symbols of abundance and nourishment- a jug of wine and an overflowing cornucopia.
  • The center block is pronounced and elegantly detailed.
  • Refined dentil strip running below the shelf.
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