Fires of Tradition: reproduction cast iron mantles
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Many advances in ceramic tile design occurred alongside the evolution of cast fireplaces. The addition of tile to the cast designs added a beautiful expression of colour to the polished cast appearance. The addition of a tiles panel flanking either side of the firebox opening creates instant, classic appeal.

Many homes built in the late 19th century featured English Victorian fireplaces that allowed for the burning of coal. When approaching the repair and restoration of these fireplaces, our cast fronts, refractory fireboxes and mantels allow you to maintain the architectural integrity of these original influences. But in new construction, the restrictions of building codes and chimneys often dictate the placement of the fireplace, which may not be ideal for your intended use. We offer the innovative Optimyst traditional firebox for these applications, allowing you to recreate all of the heritage charm of these fireplaces with none of the limitations.

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