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Optimyst Firegrates

There are many reasons for considering a firegrate with an Optimyst burner. These provides a compelling, authentic fire appearance to any fireplace, but without the complications that a properly vented flame produce. Most gas logs provide an attractive flame, but also bring with them a continuous loss of heat up the chimney from the open flue. This heat loss occurs around the clock, whether the gas logs are burning or not, and adds up over the course of the year.

Many older homes have suffered the indignity of having the condemned chimney removed from the roof up, and the cost of rebuilding the chimney and flue in order to burn wood or gas logs is deemed just too high. As the Optimyst fireplace requires no venting whatsoever, such a fireplace can be easily converted to a convincing hearth.

Combined with our herringbone firebox, you can design and install a hearth that has all of the realism of a true wood fireplace, but with little of the cost associated with a regular masonry fireplace.